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At chain & fast food restaurants

Being vegan at home is just as simple as following any other kind of diet, the real challenge comes when you go out to eat and all of the control is in someone else’s hands. But eating vegan at fast food and chain restaurants doesn’t have to be difficult if you know the right things to order. This is is why we created DietMenus; to make it easier than ever to find the vegan options at popular restaurants.

We were sick and tired of scanning through 90% of the menu just to find the few available plant-based options! So we analyzed over 300 popular restaurant menus to determine exactly which menu items are vegan friendly at each restaurant.

Our vegan menus (which you can find by clicking on the restaurant logos below) filter out menu items that contain meat or animal derivatives and show you only the items that fit your dietary requirements.

If you’re vegan and love eating out and going to restaurants, there’s some great food to be had at fast food and chain restaurants. Plus, the demand for vegan food is stronger than ever and more and more plant-based options are being offered every day at popular restaurants.

We hope that this resource we’ve created will help you easily find delicious vegan options that go beyond the typical salad, no matter where you are!


Tofu and veggies are staples in Asian cuisine making Asian restaurants a haven for vegan food.

Vegan options at Asian restaurants are plentiful; with staples like rice, tofu, and vegetables it’s easy to grab a tasty lunch or dinner. If you’re not sure what to order, tofu is a safe bet, not only is it flavorsome but it’s also a good source of protein and iron. You can try a wide range of options including, Cashew, Sweet and Sour, Garlic, Mongolian, Orange, and Kung Pao Tofu.

Now that the main part of the meal is taken care of, you can add vegetable chow mein, or fried rice with garlic eggplant, sautéed green beans or steamed vegetables for a filling meal. Alternatively, try ramen noodles with mixed mushrooms or shichimi. Check that the dishes have been cooked in vegetable or coconut oil and only use dairy-free noodles.

Now that the main part of the meal is taken care of, you can safely add vegetable chow mein, or fried rice with garlic eggplant, sautéed green beans or steamed vegetables for a filling meal. Alternatively, try ramen noodles with mixed mushrooms or shichimi.

Vegan Options at Asian Restaurants


Mexican food is versatile and contains lots of beans, veggies, and rice. Mix and match to your heart’s delight and enjoy!

Although they’re best known for beef and cheese, it’s easy to order vegan at Mexican restaurants with a number of delicious options to choose from. Did you know that most Mexican cooking staples are vegan? Think about it: salsa, refried beans, pinto beans, corn or flour tortillas, jalapenos, black beans, and vegetable chili are also vegan!

One of the great things about Mexican food is that it is made up of so many elements. As a result, it is easy to take things out or swap them. You can have vegan tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and fajitas. Simply ask for no sour cream and cheese, and request extra salsa, and vegetables. Guacamole is essential for Mexican food, however, sometimes pre-made guacamole can contain dairy so make sure it’s made fresh and vegan. As alawys, we recommend asking if fried potatoes, onion rings, etc. are made in vegetable oil.

Vegan Options at Mexican Restaurants


Bruschetta, pasta and pesto are just three of the delicious vegan options you’ll be faced with while visiting Italian restaurants.

Most Italian restaurants offer a selection of bread and appetizers to start accompanied by balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dipping. If you’ve been avoiding the appetizer menu because of all the cheese and meats, you’ve been missing out on some of the best vegan options at Italian restaurants. The popular Bruschetta al Pomorodo is usually vegan-friendly but be sure the chef doesn’t use butter or cheese.

With a veggie-heavy menu, Italian restaurants offer pasta, soups, thin-crust oven-baked pizzas, all perfect for a vegan dinner. If vegan cheese isn’t available, just ask for a pizza with tomato and herb sauce and load up on vegetables. Dishes to look out for are Pasta al Pomodoro e Basilico and Pasta Aglio e Olio, which translates to pasta with tomato sauce and basil and pasta with garlic and oil.

Vegan Options at Italian Restaurants


You should have no problem finding vegan options. Check out the salads or combine sides and appetizers for a delicious meal.

It’s hard to beat American restaurants when it comes to the sheer choice of food on offer, and it’s no different if you are a vegan. Salads are a popular vegan choice at American restaurants but don’t forget to browse the appetizer and sides sections for hidden gems.

Vegan options often include fried pickles, hummus, sweet potato fries or vegetables like brussel sprouts. Also many restaurants now offer Impossible burgers or other veggie patties so be on the lookout for those too!

Vegan Options at American Restaurants


Unfortunately, seafood restaurants are one of the hardest places for vegans to find a good meal because there is often a complete lack of vegan options. Remember, they specialize in fish which means you’re not likely to find a veggie burger. In the worst-case scenario, ask the chef to make you pasta with vegetables and olive oil.

However, if you believe that all sushi restaurants are off your list of vegan options, think again! Rice is your big savior here, and you can top it up with unusual yet delicious tasting vegetable options including carrot and marinated mixed seaweed.

Vegan Options at Seafood Restaurants


Don’t be afraid to try exotic filling combinations and experiment until you find the perfect sandwich!

In a lot of cases, a trip to a sandwich restaurant happens at lunchtime when you are restricted on time. Fortunately, finding vegan-friendly sandwich options is a walk in the park. The only problem is keeping your selections to the bare minimum!

The issue is not finding the right selection of ingredients, since every sandwich shop will have a ton of vegetables to choose from. The challenge is making sure that bread does not contain any animal derivatives!

Your sandwich will typically be made up of just vegetables but keep an eye out for falafel which can be a tasty vegan addition.

Vegan Options at Sandwich Restaurants


Just ask for no cheese and add veggies to make any pizza restaurants an easy vegan dinner option.

A pizza restaurant is arguably one of the best choices if you’re a vegan. Certain chains like Blaze Pizza have created special menus which offer 100% vegan pizza options. How does one find a full vegan pizza you ask? Very easily is the answer. Aside from vegan dough, the introduction of vegan cheese is a game-changer. Whether you follow a fully vegan lifestyle or fancy a meatless Monday, create the pizza of your dreams without any worry of animal products or cross-contamination.

If for some reason you enter such a restaurant and don’t want pizza, most chains have a range of sides and appetizers to tempt the taste buds. Vegan options can include garlic bread, soft pretzels, and minestrone. Some chains have created a gorgeous marinara sauce which you can add to vegetables or pasta dishes.

Vegan Options at Pizza Restaurants


Veggie patties are an essential part of any burger restaurant, and you can dial it up a notch by asking for a lettuce leaf instead of a burger bun.

These days, a burger chain that doesn’t have vegan options won’t be staying in business very long. It is ALL about the vegan vegetable patty. Load up with vegetables galore including avocados, onions, lettuce, and cucumbers. For a filling and healthy meal, throw in a side salad and green beans.

One of the best creations dreamed up by burger restaurants is the lettuce wrap instead of a burger bun. While you can have a vegan bun, there’s something amazing about seeing a vegetable patty wrapped in a lettuce leaf!

As always, ask if the veggie patties are created and cooked separately from the beef patties and make sure you don’t accidentally add a non-vegan dressing.

Vegan Options at Burger Restaurants

Fast Food

Veggie burgers are among the best vegan options at fast food joints, but the breakfast menu will surprise you.

The most obvious vegan fast food option is a veggie burger. These plant-based patties or meat substitutes are a brilliant option for vegans and non-vegans alike, just be careful about the bun!

Many fast food restaurants have tons of salads to choose from as well with plenty of healthy veggies to choose from. If you’re looking for something a little more fast foodish, go for the french fries! Just make sure to check what kind of oil they’re fried in.

Practically every fast food restaurant in America has fantastic breakfast options that often include vegan friendly choices. Look for hash browns, oatmeal, cereal, fruits and grilled tomatoes.

Vegan Options at Fast Food Restaurants


Steakhouses are challenging for vegans but there's always a few options that will keep you filled up.

Steakhouses are likely to be tough for vegans with the main serving obviously being very meaty. If you do find yourself in a steakhouse, ask the waiter for suggestions and see if they will combine a few sides to make a meal. Perhaps a specially made salad with dairy-free dressing and fries will be available.

Otherwise, you’ll have to get creative and look for a side sampler. You should find a steakhouse that offers seasoned fries, black beans, a side salad, and sautéed mushrooms. Asparagus and other vegetables will usually be on the menu as well. A baked potato with no butter is always a safe choice as well.

Vegan Options at Steakhouse Restaurants


Vegan Options at Chicken Restaurants


Vegan Options at Breakfast Restaurants


Vegan Options at Healthy Restaurants