Zaxby's Vegan Menu

With more than 900 branches across the globe, Zaxby’s is one of the most popular chains of fast-food restaurants. Despite being a renowned “chicken place,” Zaxby’s still has a handful of plant-based options available for vegans.

According to the information on their official website, there are 6 vegan options at Zaxby’s containing no animal products. Unfortunately, Zaxby’s specializes in Chicken Fringerz, Texas Toast, and the Big Zax Snak Meal. If you are looking for Zaxby’s vegan options, the Crinkle Fries will satisfy your cravings just right. Keep reading to know more about how to order vegan at Zaxby’s.

Although almost all food items at Zaxby’s are meat-based and fried in the same oil, the French Fries are separately deep-fried, making them the perfect vegan snack. Moreover, the list of pure ready-made vegan items at Zaxby’s include The House Zalad, The Blue Zalad, and The Cobb Zalad.

With the option of customization, any dish can be converted to vegan food at Zaxby’s. For example, when ordering the zesty Tater Chips or Celery Sticks, you can request the servers to avoid adding the Ranch Dressing to your meal.

Don’t forget to try their delicious vegan friendly sauces such as the Tongue Tomato, Nuclear, Insane, BBQ Sauce, Wimpy, Sweet and Spicy, and Teriyaki.

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