BonChon Vegan Menu

Bonchon is a popular restaurant franchise that’s best known for its Korean fried chicken. It originally opened in South Korea, but has since become popular in the US and now has over 100 franchise locations spread around 21 states. As well as fried chicken — wings, drumsticks, and strips all available — you can find sliders, potstickers, popcorn shrimp, and even Korean-style tacos. But are there vegan options at Bonchon?


We analyzed the online menu and allergen information and found that there are 7 vegan items at Bonchon. Obviously, the fried chicken is off limits, but vegans can enjoy a range of dishes here. We recommend either the vegetarian potstickers or the edamame beans to start. Follow this with the sesame ginger salad, either with or without tofu, and a side of miso soup or French fries. Other vegan items at Bonchon include the zucchini fries—just make sure to go for the regular fries or zucchini fries rather than the seasoned option. 


Watch out for the tofu bibimbap, which comes with an egg as standard. Make it vegan by omitting the egg. You should also say no to a side of kimchi, as this is made with seafood products; go for pickled radish instead.

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