BonChon Keto Menu

BonChon is a popular Korean-style chicken restaurant specializing in fried chicken. BonChon is more keto friendly than you might expect for a fried chicken restaurant. Most restaurants specializing in chicken wings are not keto friendly due to the sauces. However, according to their nutrition menu there are 20 keto options at BonChon to choose from.

There are the usual keto suspects at Asian restaurants like Miso Soup and Edamame but the keto options at BonChon also include their signature fried chicken with spicy or soy garlic sauce which contain around 12-15g of carbohydrates.

Those wondering how to eat Keto at Bonchon will be glad to know that they can order these famous chicken wings and still have carbs left over in their daily carb allowance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! BonChon has 20 keto options to choose from including their signature fried chicken.
The fried chicken at BonChon can be keto if you order it with one of the keto-friendly sauces; Spicy or Garlic Soy. The small size has under 20g of carbs, which should keep you in ketosis.

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