Buffalo Wild Wings Keto Menu

Buffalo Wild Wings is a place to enjoy great food in a casual environment while watching sports on hundreds of TVs inside the restaurant. As such, they're famous for their sports bar themed food like Buffalo Chicken Wings, Shareables, Burgers and Beers. Although most of their food is high in carbs, we've broken down their menu to find you the best keto options at Buffalo Wild Wings.

According to the restaurant’s website, we found 54 keto options available at Buffalo Wild Wings with under 20g of net carbs.

For the best keto option you need only look in the name of the restaurant; Buffalo Wild Wings. You can choose between their boneless wings or traditional wings. Unfortunately even the smallest order of boneless wings (6 wings) combined with the lowest carb sauce (Mild) contains 21g of net carbs and would not be considered keto-friendly. If you have a small appetite and calories to spare you can eat a handful of these but we recommend going for the Traditional Wings which have 0g of carbs for a 10 piece order. This allows you to choose from a bigger selection of sauces since the only carbs in the meal come from the sauce.

The low carb sauces at Buffalo Wild Wings are Blazin’ Carolina Reaper, Hot Sauce, Lemon Pepper, Original Buffalo and Parmesan Garlic. We would suggest avoiding the Asian Zing, Orange Chicken, Mango Habanero, Caribbean Jerk and Honey BBQ based on the carb count.

Some other options for Keto food at Buffalo Wild Wings are the House Salad or Chopped Cobb Salad with Ranch; these contain only 10g or 14g of carbs respectively. If you are a Cole Slaw lover, the version served here contains only 4g of carbs per serving!

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