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Zaxby's is a chain restaurant from the Southern US specializing in crispy fried chicken tenders and sandwiches. With so many fried options, most keto dieters wonder what is keto friendly at Zaxby's?

What to eat at Zaxby's on keto will depend on your carb allowance but according to their official nutrition menu, there are 58 keto options on the menu at Zaxby's with less than 20g of net carbs. The most popular item at Zaxby's is the Chicken Fingers which are surprisingly low carb without sauce as they have 4g of net carbs per piece. Still, most of the sauces are not keto friendly so any large 5 piece or 10 piece order will kick you out of ketosis.

If one or two pieces of chicken is not enough to satisfy your appetite then you can order the Traditional Wings. 10 pieces of traditional wings contain only 6g of net carbs without sauce and 10-15g of net carbs with most sauces.

Another option is the salad substituting grilled chicken for fried chicken. According to the nutrition menu the salads with fried chicken contain upwards of 30g of net carbs; they don't have the exact macros for the grilled chicken substitution but it will drop the net carbs on the meal into an acceptable range. Unfortunately, there are not many keto friendly sides available at Zaxby's. The only option under 20g of carbs is the Coleslaw which contains 11g.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The traditional wings at Zaxbys are the most low carb item on the menu. You can also order a salad and replace the fried chicken with grilled chicken. The only potentially keto side at Zaxbys is the Coleslaw with 11g of net carbs.
The boneless wings and chicken tenders are only keto if you limit yourself to 1-3 (depending on your carb allowance) and choose a low carb sauce. The traditional wings are much lower in carbs so you can order a 10 piece and still choose from 7 sauces.
One Chicken Finger from Zaxbys with no sauce is keto friendly as it contains only 4g of net carbs. However, adding a sauce can double the amount of net carbs per serving.
Zaxby's salad is not keto as it comes with breaded chicken fingers which bump the carb total into the 30g range. If you substitute the fried chicken for grilled chicken it should be an acceptable option for the keto diet.
Chicken Fingers at Zaxby's contain from 4g to 9g of net carbs per chicken finger. Limiting yourself to one or two chicken fingers with no sauce is keto, ordering more than a couple with sauce is not keto friendly.

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