Zaxby's Gluten Free Menu

Zaxby’s is a chain of fast-casual restaurants with more than 900 locations around the United States. It’s probably best known for its chicken fingers and wings, but other popular items include tasty fried chicken salads (known as Zalads) and stacked-high sandwiches. Fried chicken almost always contains gluten, so many people wonder if it is possible to find gluten-free food at Zaxby’s…

Yes it is! We analyzed the online allergen information and found that there are as many as 10 gluten-free options at Zaxby’s depending on your level of gluten sensitivity. You will have to say no to the famous Chicken Fingerz and the Boneless Wings, but the Traditional Wings are free from gluten, and you can order these with any sauce options apart from Teriyaki and Sweet and Spicy — these two are not gluten free.

The Zalads all contain gluten, as they feature fried chicken and Texas Toast, but you could ask your server if you can customize it to avoid the gluten-containing items. All dressings are gluten free.

As well as wings, a handful of sides are gluten-free items at Zaxby’s. The Crinkle Fries and the Coleslaw can be added to your meal to make it more substantial, but you’ll have to avoid the Fried White Cheddar Bites, the Spicy Fried Mushrooms and Ranch, and the Texas Toast.

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