Zaxby's Vegetarian Menu

Zaxby’s is a popular chain of fast-casual restaurants, with over 900 locations around the United States. It’s probably best known for its chicken wings and chicken fingers, but it also offers sandwiches and salads (or ‘Zalads’) and a range of sides. If you’re wondering how to order vegetarian at Zaxby’s, look no further—we’re here to help.

We looked at the online menu and allergen information and found that there are 13 vegetarian options available on Zaxby’s menu. Vegetarians will obviously want to avoid the chicken wings, chicken tenders, and chicken burgers, but there are still a few good options. We recommend starting with the Fried Pickles (if available at your location), the Fried White Cheddar Bites or the Spicy Fried Mushrooms. Next, you can choose from the House Zalad or the Blue Zalad — just ask for it “Garden-Style” so you don’t get any chicken. The Cobb Zalad has bacon, so you’ll want to skip this.

Bulk our your salad with a range of sides: Crinkle Fries, Coleslaw, or Texas Toast all make great options. You can also enjoy almost all of the dips and dressings, but watch out for the Caesar dressing, which will probably contain anchovy. Otherwise, it isn’t impossible to eat vegetarian food at Zaxby’s!

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