Pollo Campero Vegetarian Menu

Pollo Campero is a fast-food restaurant chain with restaurants in 15 countries, including 70 locations in the United States. As anyone who speaks even a little Spanish will have already guessed, its menu is predominantly made up of various chicken dishes. With this in mind, you’ll probably be wondering how to order vegetarian food at Pollo Campero.

The truth is that it’s almost impossible! We closely analyzed the online menu and found that there are up to 8 vegetarian items available at Pollo Campero depending on how strict your diet is; the nutritional menu specifies that “no products are certified as vegetarian” because every single one “may contain trace amounts of ingredients derived from animals.” This is most likely due to issues of cross-contamination.

If you cross contamination is not an issue, we suggest the Corn Salad with French Fries or Yuca Fries, or Sweet Plantains (kind of a cross between a side and a dessert). The Garden Side Salad is another option. If you want something sweet, avoid the flan—this will probably contain gelatin, so it won’t be a suitable vegetarian option at Pollo Campero. Try the Soft Serve Cone instead.

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