Healthy Menu Options at BonChon

Bonchon Chicken is a global restaurant chain of crunchy double-fried chicken, savory signature sauces, and a unique pan-Asian menu. Founded in South Korea in 2002, the word “Bonchon” means “my hometown” in Korean. It represents the company’s mission to be a constantly reliable source of familiarity and comfort for customers. Serving up a delicious, premium food experience wherever they are. Its signature dish is marinated fried chicken which contains zero frying oils, so it’s not only tasty but healthy as well. They only use authentic, traditional ingredients and cooking techniques, ensuring the highest level of flavor and care with each dish.

Bonchon, Korea’s international fried chicken chain, has numerous healthy menu options for you to choose from. The Bonchon menu also offers healthy choices in a variety of plates that can make you choose over and under 10 minutes. The dish offers a lot of nutrients and fulfills your appetite just like how Korean dishes are known for.

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