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Healthy Menu Options at Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ is an American barbecue restaurant chain based in Glen Burnie, Maryland.  Mission BBQ, a popular restaurant chain in the US, serves many burgers, sandwiches, ribs, and more. Mission BBQ’s menu is out of this world. It started with the smoked meat, fresh grilled chicken, and a serious variety of topping options like salsa and cheese dip.

How do I order healthier at Mission BBQ? I can almost hear you say: “What?! Nothing is healthy at Mission BBQ!” You’re correct but not for long. Mission BBQ has redesigned its menu with healthier alternatives in mind, keeping your waistline and taste buds in mind. They also provide allergen info for their menu items online. If you are looking for somewhere to eat healthy food then try Mission BBQ.

Mission BBQ is a a southern BBQ joint dedicated to the American way, to her men and women in uniform and giving back to them through employment and other services. They cover their walls in tribute to these brave men and women who protect our freedom and the American way of life. And what’s more American than BBQ?

From Texas to Alabama, the secrets to BBQ have been gathered and combined to create the recipes and dishes that built the restaurant.

Since that time, Mission BBQ has spread across the south as their popularity grows. As someone who wants to taste smoky tenderness of a smoked brisket but is trying to eat healthier, you may be asking whether Mission BBQ is an option for you.

We took took the guesswork out of it for you by doing the research ourselves! Mission BBQ’s website offers nutritional information, allergen information and a gluten free menu.

These documents are extremely helpful but can take awhile to go through; especially if you’re attempting to sift through the nutritional information with all the lines, columns and numbers due to the way the nutritional information is set up.

That’s where we come in.

We will provide the healthiest menu options and combinations Mission BBQ has to offer as well as going over the allergen list and the different options offered for people with a variety of dietary restrictions.

Healthy Menu at Mission BBQ

There is no dedicated ‘healthy’ or ‘skinny’ diet at the Mission BBQ but because of the way the menu is set up, it’s possible to create healthier meals by mixing and matching with portion sizes, sides, and drinks.

Healthiest Meat at Mission BBQ

The lean brisket sliders are one of the prime healthy options here at Mission BBQ.

They contain only 200 calories, 5.93 grams of fat, 293.7 mgs of sodium, and 20.24 grams of protein. Slow smoked, tender meat served with cornbread and your choice of an additional side are yours if you choose the combo meal. This is a good meal for you if you’re hungry but not wanting to consume too many calories; especially if you choose a side low in calories and forego or sub the cornbread for something else.

Mission BBQ also offers chicken and turkey if you don’t want to eat pork or beef.

Out of the poultry options, the turkey slider would be the leanest option for you. It has 179.59 calories, only 4.86 grams of fat, 65.82 mgs of sodium, and 17.93 grams of protein.

With the low levels of sodium and fat, there isn’t much better for going lean at Mission BBQ.

Healthiest Sauces at Mission BBQ

The right sauce can make or break BBQ meats.

Mission BBQ offers ten separate sauces to drench your ribs, brisket, and sandwiches in. Here are some of the healthiest sauces Mission BBQ has on tap.

Texas Twang BBQ sauce (32.16 calories,0.06 grams of fat, 249 mgs of sodium, 0.13 grams of protein), NC Vinegar Sauce (15.42 calories, 0.02 grams of fat, 363.68 mgs of sodium, 0.03 grams of protein), Georgia Mustard BBQ Sauce (33.95 calories, 0.51 grams of fat, 389.80 mgs of sodium, 0.56 grams of protein), and Baja Bold Sauce (33.54 calories, 0.09 grams of fat, 353.57 mgs of sodium, 0.33 grams of protein).

With this range options, no matter what your taste, Mission BBQ has a healthy sauce option for you.

Healthiest Sides at Mission BBQ

Whether you’re ordering a rack of ribs or a pulled pork sandwich, your meal wouldn’t be complete without the sides. Here are some delicious, healthy options Mission BBQ offers as sides.

The side salad (iceberg lettuce and fresh vegetables) is only 14 calories (without dressing)! The other numbers look pretty good too -0.13 grams of fat, 11.62 mgs of sodium, and admittedly low on protein at only 0.73 grams.

There is an option to add meat to your salad which will add a bit of protein, although it will also raise the levels of calories and fat in your salad so you will need to balance which is most important to you when ordering the salad.

Another excellent side choice is their Green Beans & Bacon. With 132.17 calories, 7.44 grams of fat, 1015.83 mgs of sodium, and 7.89 grams of protein. The only downside of this dish is the high sodium content and if you are trying to adhere to a low sodium diet, picking something else as your side may be the better option even if it means there’s a higher calorie content in that side.

Healthiest Black Plate Specials at Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ has a secret; their Black Plate Menu! Not posted on their website with their regular menu, the Black Plate menu offers everything from strawberry shortcake to chili to shrimp.

Having trouble picking a dish from this mouthwatering array?

We can help by pointing you in the direction of a couple of the healthiest options available. Banana puddin’ is the sweet, smart way to finish up your meal. With only 147.1 calories, 6.62 grams of fat, 254.84 mgs of sodium and 1.65 grams of protein, it’s a healthy and delicious treat. In the mood for some potatoes with your ribs but don’t want the calories?

Try Granny’s Sweet Potato Mash. It possesses the same level of delicious mashed potatoes but only has 192.71 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, 128.56 mgs of sodium, and 2.81 grams of protein as opposed to the plain baked potato. Shrimp on the BBQ may be the healthiest entrée off the Black Plate Menu.

This succulent dish contains only 333.61 calories, 9.50 grams of fat, 1479.42 mgs of sodium, and 27.61 grams of protein making it a tasty alternative to other meat dishes.

Low Calorie Options at Mission BBQ

We understand what it’s like to want to watch your calorie intake but at the same time, see so many delicious options available. We’ve pulled some of the most delicious low calorie menu items available at Mission BBQ so you can enjoy yourself and maintain the desired calorie intake.

  1. Bay B Back Ribs Single Bone Serving (197.95 calories)
  2. Lean Brisket Slider (200.09 calories)
  3. Baked Beans with Brisket (199 calories)
  4. Cold Slaw (156.08 calories)
  5. Baja Bold Sauce (33.54 calories)
  6. Bay-B-Que Sauce (46.42 calories)
  7. Italian Dressing (183.96 calories)
  8. Cookies & Cream Pudding Pie (234.56 calories)

Low Sodium Options at Mission BBQ

Following hand in hand with low calorie intake is often a low sodium intake diet. This can be a challenge to maintain since just about every dish prepared in the United States has at least some salt in it. Despite this, we have found some low sodium options for your convenience.

  1. Chicken (942 mgs of sodium)
  2. Pulled Chicken Slider (322.47 mgs of sodium)
  3. Cornbread (228.22 mgs of sodium)
  4. Side Salad (11.62 mgs of sodium)
  5. Memphis Belle BBQ Sauce (195 mgs of sodium)
  6. Smoky Mountain Sauce (128 mgs of sodium
  7. Baked Sweet Potato (230.29 mgs of sodium)
  8. Blueberry Cobbler (183.09 mgs of sodium)

Options for Those With Dietary Restrictions

If you have dietary restrictions of any kind, eating out can be a challenge.

At an all-American joint like Mission BBQ, it can be even harder because Americans center their meals around meat and bread and many dietary restrictions don’t allow either the consumption of meat or bread.

If you have a dietary restriction, you know what we’re talking about.

But rest easy because we have explored the different menu items and have found options for those of you who also have dietary restrictions.

Keto Options at Mission BBQ

Since Keto is a protein focused diet and Mission BBQ is a protein focused establishment, eating here on a Keto diet will be relatively easy and leave you with quite a few options.

Pick whatever meat you like, a sauce with as little carbs as possible, and Green Beans & Bacon or Cold Slaw for a low carb side.

If you want a sandwich for lunch or a quick bite, just grab your protein choice without the bun, sub out a side for something lower carb than the cornbread or fries and it will taste just as good… without the carbs.

Vegan Options at Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ doesn’t provide any entrees that fit the vegan diet but we did find many of their sides that do including the salad (side or full size), broccoli salad, cold slaw, and baked potatoes (also baked sweet potatoes) without butter or cheese, and fresh cut fries.

It may not be the largest list of menu items available but we guarantee you will enjoy these plant-based dishes.

Gluten Free Options at Mission BBQ

With great consideration to those with gluten sensitivities, Mission BBQ offers a gluten free menu that covers a wide range of dishes, both entrée and sides.

Your meat dishes (pulled, smoked, brisket) are available without the cornbread.

Of course the salads are gluten free though the dressings aren’t. Additionally, every sauce on Mission BBQ’s sauce is gluten free.

Gluten free sides Mission BBQ offer are Baked Beans & Brisket, Green Beans & Bacon, Cold Slaw and Fresh Cut Fries. You will eat well here.

Vegetarian Options at Mission BBQ

We found a number of delicious items on the Mission BBQ menu for vegetarians.

We would like to highlight the Cold slaw, cornbread, Maggies’ mac’cheese, and Cheesy Baked Potatoes.

That’s not even starting in on the list of delectable dessert options available such as their Blueberry Cobbler, Caramel Apple Cobbler, or Carrot Cake.

Even without an entrée, these options allow you to create a hearty, meat free dinner.

Allergen Information for Mission BBQ

Eating out when you have a food allergy can be frustrating as well as significantly narrow down the available dishes for you.

To help you with the process of determining what food is safe for you to eat, Mission BBQ offers allergen information on their website.

We take this last section of the article to sort out the options for you so when you get to the restaurant you already know what sounds good to you without having to worry about an allergic reaction.

Dairy Free Options at Mission BBQ

If you’re trying to avoid dairy completely, we suggest you try one (or more) these dishes from the Mission BBQ menu. Brisket (from the Meat Market), Spare Ribs, Cold Slaw, Fresh Cut Fries, a Salad, Smoked Pastrami, or the Potato Salad.

Keep in mind that some dishes that don’t obviously contain dairy (such as the Kickin’ Collard Greens) do so make sure you check with you server if there’s any doubt to the dairy content of a dish.

Peanut Free Options at Mission BBQ

There are no menu items at Mission BBQ that contain peanuts or peanut products. We consider this excellent news especially since peanut allergies are some of the most food allergies that affect humans.

If you are one of the people who suffer from such an allergy, rest easy ordering anything off the menu here at Mission BBQ.

Soy Free Options at Mission BBQ

We found these soy free options on the Mission BBQ menu: Sausage, Spare Ribs, Green Beans & Bacon, KC Classic BBQ Sauce, Tupelo Honey Heat BBQ Sauce, Pork Ribeye, and the Chocolate Sauce. While being careful to avoid the plentiful soy, you will still be able to enjoy a full meal here at Mission BBQ without encountering soy.

In a very American fashion, Mission BBQ has branched out from its base of BBQ to include desserts, salads, fish, meatloaf and even mac & cheese. They pride themselves in their ]heritage and their tender smoked meats but haven’t let that stop them from expanding their expertise and customer base.

We went through their menu and found not only does Mission BBQ create flavorful meals, they have quite a few healthy menu items. They also provide multiple options for those with dietary restrictions or food allergies.

With this information, we hope you will be able to enjoy a meal at Mission BBQ that fits into your lifestyle perfectly, whether it’s low calorie, vegan, or having to avoid dairy.

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