Healthy Menu Options at Great Harvest Bread Company

There’s a reason people line up outside of Great Harvest Bread Company every morning. The smell of fresh bread is enough to make you salivate! When you walk into their location, one thing is clear: it’s a breath of fresh air. Not only because their ovens bake in the same location for over 18 hours each day — but also because they have been providing healthy and delicious bread to the community since Pete and Laura Wakeman established their first Great Harvest bakery in Great Falls, Montana in 1976. 

By combining creativity, commitment, and teamwork with a solid business plan, they have set themselves apart from the competition by producing fresh bakery products, quality service, and an unmatched value proposition. There are no preservatives, low-fat, sugarless, or flavorless loaves of bread allowed in our stores. Their commitment to quality, value, and customer service is one not taken lightly at Great Harvest Bread Company.

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