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Healthy Menu Options at TacoTime

Taco Time (stylized as TacoTime) is an American-Canadian fast-food restaurant chain specializing in Mexican food. They are known for their world-famous hand-rolled Crisp Burritos and unbeatable Mexi-Fries® that they cook to order. The restaurant takes time in preparing the ingredients to give everyone a one-of-a-kind affordable taste experience. 

One of the biggest concerns in today’s food industry is whether or not our food is healthy. Taco Time has responded to this need by adding a couple of healthy options to their menu. The menu items offer guests a real choice, from vegetarian items to a unique Chicken BLT Burrito. They even added a couple of healthy options such as salad, grilled chicken, grilled fajita, and beans. It is a pleasant surprise to discover that Taco Time now offers a healthy alternative in their menu, the Power Menu Bowl.

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