Healthy Menu Options at Green Burrito

Green Burrito is a restaurant chain established in 1996. It has since grown to over 300 locations in the western United States. Their mission is to create a menu that is consistent and authentic by using only high-quality ingredients. The company has developed several popular dish options such as the signature Green Burrito bowl, the Vegan Burrito, and the Black Bean Burritos.

Green Burrito is a Mexican restaurant with healthy menu options. It provides two menus: vegetarian and non-vegetarian. All menu offerings are vegan or vegetarian friendly without sacrificing taste. While some whole grains and fruits may be included, menu items often come without mayonnaise, sour cream, and cheese, making them lower in fat and calories.  Healthy choices are prevalent throughout the menu options, including tasty tacos, and more substantial bowls and burritos offerings.

Green Burrito

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