Healthy Menu Options at The Melt

The Melt, a bistro-style grilled cheese sandwich restaurant, recently opened its first location in Atlanta's Fox Theatre. Melt offers traditional grilled cheese sandwiches but, they differ from other establishments by offering a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches made with healthier ingredients. These ingredients include bread, cheese, and meats such as figs, turkey, apples, and gouda. The Melt provides what some may consider an indulgence around the nutritional guidelines offered by health experts such as the USDA Food Pyramid.

Are you looking for a ketogenic-friendly restaurant that has delicious menu items? The Melt located in the Shops at Raleigh offers keto-friendly cheese melts, grilled cheeses, and salads. You can create your own or choose from their existing menu items and they have plenty of healthy or vegan options. These options usually include protein like tofu (steamed or crispy), tempeh, seitan, or even just grilled vegetables and some toppings like avocado, spinach, pineapple, and pickled red onions.

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