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Healthy Menu Options at Jason’s Deli

Jason’s Deli is a fast-casual delicatessen restaurant chain headquartered in Beaumont, Texas, United States. If you’re following a healthy eating plan, then Jason’s Deli is the place to be. There are lots of healthy menu options at Jason’s Deli. The company offers a standard deli-style menu including traditional sandwiches such as Po’boys and muffalettas. Each deli has a salad bar and a daily soup selection. They also serve other items, such as baked potatoes, pasta, and salads.

Jason’s Deli is one of the first restaurant groups to remove artificial trans fats from their food. They have eliminated trans-fats from its menu, high fructose corn syrup, processed MSG, and artificial flavors and colors from their food. Additionally, the company has also introduced gluten-free products. For those looking to eat healthily, Jason’s Deli is an excellent choice for a meal out.

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