Mission BBQ Keto Menu

Mission BBQ is a popular BBQ franchise specializing in authentic barbeque from across the country. Mission BBQ has a wide selection of proteins like ribs, brisket, pork and chicken which makes it a great keto friendly choice.

There are 28 keto friendly options at Mission BBQ with less than 20g of carbs according to the nutrition menu. All of the meat will be acceptable options on the keto diet however the BBQ sauces are where you need to be careful. Most have only 1-2g of carbs for one serving so use them sparingly. The vinegar based ones have the least amount of carbs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mission BBQ has a good selection of keto options under 20g of carbs. All of their meat is low carb, they have 2-3 low carb sauces and even the sliders are a potential option depending on how strict your carb allowance is.
Alabama White Sauce contains only 1g of carbs and is the most keto friendly sauce at Mission BBQ.
The Cornbread at Mission BBQ contains 27g of carbs per serving.
The Green Beans and Bacon at Mission BBQ contains 6g of carbs per serving.
The Coleslaw at Mission BBQ contains 15g of carbs per serving, most of it coming from sugar.
Maggie's Mac n Cheese at Mission BBQ contains 16g of net carbs per serving.

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