The Cheesecake Factory Keto Menu

With 200+ locations worldwide, The Cheesecake Factory is famous for its versatile menu, large portions, and consistency. All those on the keto diet will be happy to know that there is a vast variety of keto food at The Cheesecake Factory.

We analyzed their official nutrition information and found there are 87 keto options at The Cheesecake Factory under 20g of carbs.

The Cheesecake Factory has a few entrees which are potentially keto-friendly depending on your carb allowance. We recommend the Grilled Chicken & Avocado Club (15g), SkinnyLicious Grilled Salmon (14g) and Pan-Seared Branzino (14g).

If you are looking for a lower carb alternative to these entrees, check out the selection of keto friendly salads such as the Tossed Green Salad, Lunch Size Caesar Salad and the Greek Salad which all contain 10g of carbs. Choose your salad dressing carefully, as some may contain enough carbs to kick you out of ketosis.

For veggie lovers, Cheesecake Factory offers Broccoli, Asparagus, Green Beans and Sauteed Spinach all of which are acceptable options for keto as they contain around 5g of carbs.

A few other options include their breakfast menu consisting of delicious omlettes that contain anywhere from 7-10g of carbs. The appetizers section is a bit higher in carbs with most options coming in around 15-20g with the exception of the Edamame which has only 10g per order.

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