Skyline Chili Keto Menu

Skyline Chili is a casual restaurant chain that serves Cincinnati-style chili and meals in its 160 locations throughout the US. It is popularly known for its Chili, Cheese Coneys, and Ways. This family restaurant has no doubt captivated chili lovers all over the world but are their foods good for keto diets as well?

According to the official nutrition menu, there are 8 keto options available at Skyline Chili with under 20g of total carbohydrates

Skyline Chili's signature Chili is keto-friendly and free from non-keto ingredients like sweeteners and oils. However, it is typically served with sandwiches, chili bowls, and ways that are relatively high in carbs.

For keto eaters, we recommend going for salads at Skyline Chili instead. The best low-carb salad that you can order is the BLT Side Salad with 4g of total carbohydrates and the Buffalo Chicken Side Salad with 6g of total carbohydrates. If you have more carb allowance, you can always go for the Greek Salad with Chicken and the Garden Salad with Chicken that both have 10g of total carbohydrates.

The Greek Salad with Chicken carries the most carbs in our keto-friendly salad selections with its 20g of total carbohydrates so we suggest sharing it with a friend or eating it depending on your remaining carb allowance.

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