Smokey Bones Keto Menu

Smokey Bones is a well known BBQ restaurant chain owned by Darden which also owns Olive Garden and other popular restaurants. Smokey Bones offers the typical options you would find at a traditional BBQ spot like ribs, steaks, pulled pork, etc.

Eating keto at Smokey Bones is straight forward; like most BBQ restaurants, the trouble lies in the sauces and sides. All of the protein is keto friendly, but if you drench them in sauce you will definitely be kicked out of ketosis.

According to the nutrition menu, there are 24 keto options at Smokey Bones. We've also included the ingredients to build your own custom burger which can be made low carb without the bun. We recommend the sausage or salmon and sticking to broccoli as a side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 24 choices to be exact! BBQ restaurants are always a decent choice for keto and Smokey Bones is no exception, just watch out for the carb heavy sauces and sides.

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