Bob Evans Keto Menu

Bob Evans Restaurant or simply known as Bob Evans is one of the largest American chains of restaurants that operates close to 500 locations in 18 states. It is well known for its pork sausage products. Although Bob Evans serves a variety of sugary sodas, breads, and heavy carbohydrate food items, you will be surprised with its wide range of Keto options.

We analyzed all the information available online and found there are up to 64 keto options at Bob Evans depending on your remaining carb allowance.

The popular Keto items in this restaurant are the Breakfast Meat Choice, Bob Evans Sausage Links (3), Breakfast Egg Choice, Egg Whites, Breakfast Egg Choice, Freshly Cracked. These popular all-day breakfast keto options provide you with 0g to more than 1g of carbs that is fairly low and allow you to eat more carbs in a day depending on your Keto diet.

If you are not in the mood for some all-day breakfast Keto food at Bob Evans but want a filling meal, you can always opt for their hearty salads that can give you up to 18 g of carbs. The Soup & Salad Combo, Hearty Vegetable, and Soup Hearty Beef Vegetable, Cup come with the highest carbs in Bob Evans' salads with 18g of carbohydrates. For a low-carb salad, you can select the Wildfire Chicken Salad, Small, Grilled Chicken Breast that comes with 0g of carbohydrates.

Some non-Keto-friendly food at Bob Evans that you should avoid are the Salsa Scramble Biscuit Bowl, Pot Roast Hash, Country Fried Steak, and Farm Eggs as they contain additional sauces which are too hard to include in carb calculations and order as low-carb.

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