Bob Evans Gluten Free Menu

Bob Evan's is a diner that serves up food all day but is known mainly for its breakfast. Although you may have to skip the hot cakes, there are still plenty of gluten-free options for you to enjoy.

We’ve analyzed the allergen menu and ingredients list and found there are up to 97 gluten free options at Bob Evan's, depending on your level of gluten sensitivity.

Coming in for breakfast? It's what Bob Evan's is famous for, so why not. Order up an omelet and choose between: Cheese, Veggie, Border Scramble, or a Western. Or just stick with the classic Eggs and Bacon, with a side of Golden Brown Home Fries or a Hash Brown. You can substitute in a Sausage Patty, Sausage Link, Hickory-Smoked Ham, a Turkey Sausage Link or the New Blue Ribbon Bacon. With all that meat to choose from, you won't miss the Biscuits at all.

Miss breakfast? Bob Evan's has a Varity of options for lunch as well. You can order any sandwich or burger without the bun or you can grab a bowl of Heart Beef Vegetable or Broccoli Cheddar soup. There's also three salads to choose from (ask for gluten-free dressing): Cobb Salad, Wildfire Grill Chicken, or Cranberry Pecan Chicken.

So whether is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Bob Evan's has plenty of gluten items to keep your tummy happy.

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