Chili's Gluten Free Menu

Chili's is an American restaurant chain known for its laid back atmosphere, Tex-Mex style food and varied menu. It's the perfect place for a casual meet up with friends or family, but what if you have a gluten sensitivity? Gluten seems to be in all food and avoiding it can leave you eating yet another plain salad. So, is ordering from Chili's be any different? Does Chili have a gluten free menu?

The answer is yes! We have found there are over 20 gluten free items on the Chili's menu that are, or can be modified to be gluten free and this includes items on the kids' menu. Some popular items on the gluten free menu include the Bones-in Wings with your choice of Mango Habanero, Buffalo, Honey Chipotle, or House BBQ sauce, their Ribeye Steak, Margarita Chicken, Ancho Salmon and the Kid's Grilled Chicken Dippers.

Additionally, many dishes can be modified in order to make them gluten free. For example, order any of Chili's burgers without the bun, get a Caesar salad without croutons, or switch up the sides with your ribs with two gluten free options. Chili's offers many gluten free sides including grilled asparagus, coleslaw, steamed broccoli, corn, and Mexican rice.

Chili's restaurant offers an extensive gluten free menu, so you should take advantage of it. Don't forget to ask about gluten free options next time you dine out, including dressings (remember most dressings have gluten in them) and sides. Whether it's a casual get-together or something a little more serious, your gluten sensitivity won't be getting in the way of eating your fill when you go to Chili's.

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