Chili's Vegetarian Menu

Everyone loves Chili’s. It’s a popular casual dining restaurant with a big selection of burgers, steaks, sides, and other American classics. It’s a family-friendly place, and kids and adults alike can usually find plenty to eat here—but what about vegetarians? Is there a vegetarian menu at Chili’s, and can vegetarians find enough to eat here?

According to the online menu, there are 24 vegetarian options at Chili’s, as well as a host of others that can be made vegetarian if you make swaps, substitutions, or omissions. To start with, recommend going for the triple dippers combo of awesome blossom petals, crispy cheddar bites, and fried pickles. As a main course, why not go for black bean and veggie fajitas? Vegetarian-friendly add-ons for this dish include guacamole, rice and beans, or extra fajita toppings.

It’s easy to enjoy satisfying vegetarian food at Chili’s, but make sure you’re careful about hidden animal products. Most of the salad dressings are vegetarian, but you’ll want to avoid the bleu cheese and Caesar dressings, as these contain animal products. You should also be aware that there will probably be cross contact between your food and meat-containing products, as everything is cooked in the same kitchen.

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