Lazy Dog Vegetarian Menu

People love Lazy Dog because everything is made with ingredients from local places and farmers. They are more notably known for their casual food but most of them have protein in them. Is Lazy Dog vegetarian-friendly? You may feel overwhelmed on how to order a meal without any animal products, but the good news is, it's possible to order vegetarian here.

According to the ingredients list provided on their website, there are 15 vegetarian friendly options at Lazy Dog that do not contain meat.

What exactly can you order? Popular options are Veggie Lavosh Sandwich, Cajun Fries, Sweet & Spicy Tofu, and Loaded Potato Hush Puppies. If looking for something a little healthier, there is the Cobb salad but remember to order without the bacon or cheese.

Alternatively, go for their meatless entrées such as the Spaghetti Squash and Beetballs or Nashville Hot Portebello.

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