Lazy Dog Vegan Menu

Lazy Dog is a popular casual dining chain that serves American food and drinks. It’s known for being a dog-friendly establishment, and some of its locations even offer a dog menu for outdoor dining. But are there also vegan options at Lazy Dog, or is it more suitable for animal owners and their pets than plant-based visitors?


According to the online allergen and nutrition menu, there are 14 vegan items at Lazy Dog that you can choose from, including 2 menu items that can be made vegan if you forgo certain items. We recommend the wok-fried sweet and spicy tofu as a main dish, adding white or brown rice or French fries as a side if you’re feeling especially hungry. Alternatively, you could enjoy the Thai chicken salad with no chicken, or the veggie burger without cheese or BBQ sauce. 


There is a meatless menu section at Lazy Dog, but neither of the two items in this section are suitable for vegans, so make sure you avoid them. Be careful with sides, too — the mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach both contain dairy, so go for fries, rice, or black beans instead. If you aren’t sure how to order vegan at Lazy Dog, just ask your server for help.

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