Ruby Tuesday Vegan Menu

Ruby Tuesday is a restaurant chain that serves up multicultural cuisine, sandwiches, salads all in a casual setting. With so much variety to their menu, there's probably something for everyone's taste at the table. If you're vegan, it may seem a little more difficult to you, but it's not.

According the ingredients list provided on their website, there are 29 vegan friendly options at Ruby Tuesday that contains no animal products. Some popular vegan options are Kids' Buttery Pasta and Kids' Marinara. Vegan sides available are a plain baked potato, corn with melted margarine instead of butter, grilled zucchini, roasted baby bellas, and steamed broccoli. Add a little flavor with toppings such as peas, wasabi peas, jalapeño peppers or grapes.

If you order plain pasta with such toppings as broccoli, olive oil, and a side salad without any cheese or dressing, you could create your very own vegan friendly meal.

The Ruby Tuesday vegan menu gives you freedom to eat out with a variety of flavors, all of them vegan.

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