Yard House Vegan Menu

Yard House is a fast casual sports bar known for their selection of craft beers and wide variety of food. With such a diverse menu many diners are interested in learning about their vegan and vegetarian options.

According to the ingredients list found on their website, there are 15 vegan friendly options available at Yard House that don't have animal products. Guacamole and Chips, Truffle Fries, and Avocado Toast are vegan options that grace the favorites list at the Yard House.

Other vegan options on the Yard House vegan men include Hot and Spicy Edamame, Gardein Buffalo Wings (without Ranch dressing), the Beyond Burger with a Salad, Gardein Orange Chicken, Pinto Beans, French Fries and Jasmine Rice.

Start your meal with some Avocado Toast and follow it with a Beyond Burger and Salad or Fries. And since beer is vegan friendly go ahead and add one of Yard House's craft beers to wash it all down if you so desire.

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