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O'Charley's is an American casual dining restaurant chain that has over 200 locations in Southeast and Midwest US. O'Charley's is known for having one of the most extensive menus that include burgers, sandwiches, seafood, soups, salad, pies, and more. Despite its wide variety of options, are there any available keto options for keto eaters? The short answer is yes.

According to the official nutrition menu, there are up to 34 keto options available at O'Charleys with under 20g of net carbs. 

Starting with the off-limit items, the burgers and sandwiches at O'Charley's are not low in carb so it's best to keep your distance from them. Instead, you can opt for other O'Charley's signature dishes like seafood and soups.

For seafood, we highly recommend the Cedar-Planked Salmon (No Side) that only has 2g of total carbohydrates and the Fresh Atlantic Grilled Salmon Blackened, 6 oz. (No Side) with 3g of total carbohydrates. Soups at O'Charley's are relatively high in carbs but if you are in the mood for some soup, we suggest the Cream of Tomato Basil Soup with 18g of total carbohydrates.

For meat lovers, you can enjoy a number of O'Charley's Steak and Ribs selections. The Grilled Top Sirloin, 6 oz. (No Side) topped our list of recommended keto options because it has 0g of total carbohydrates. The Rib-Eye Steak (No Side) is also a wise option having only 1g of total carbohydrates.

Salads are staples for many specialized diets. For a keto salad at O'Charley's, we recommend the Steakhouse Wedge Salad with Steak and Steakhouse Wedge Salad with Chicken that have 15g and 17g of total carbohydrates respectively. If you have more carb allowance to spare, you can select keto-friendly sides as well. The Broccoli, 5 oz with 6g of total carbohydrates, and the Grilled Asparagus, 1 Portion with 3g of total carbohydrates make great sides as they are low carb and rich in nutrients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes O'Charleys has 34 keto options to choose from with less than 20g of carbs.
O'Charleys has steak, chicken and seafood which can make an excellent choice for almost no carboyhydrates. Pair this with their asparagus or broccoli sides for a healthy low carb meal.

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