Ono Hawaiian BBQ Keto Menu

Ono Hawaiian BBQ specialises in none other than Hawaiian inspired foods. It offers its “Plate Lunch” in an inviting atmosphere where it uses fresh ingredients, prepared daily. Ono Hawaiian BBQ has over 85 locations exclusively on the West Coast so keep it in mind if you’re in California or Arizona. 

According to the menu on the restaurant’s website there are 5 keto options at Ono Hawaiian BBQ. Remember if you opt for a plate lunch in Ono Hawaiian BBQ it comes with two scoops of rice and one scoop of macaroni salad, which does not make the plate lunch the most keto friendly. When ordering keto food at Ono Hawaiian BBQ we would recommend asking if you could swap these scoops for extra veggies to reduce the carbs. The restaurant allows you to phone ahead to make your order so that’s the perfect time to ask. Otherwise, the meat options on the Ono Hawaiian BBQ’s keto menu are great and for the most keto-friendly options we would suggest Kalua pork, Hawaiian BBQ beef or grilled spam and eggs.

However, the best keto food at Ono Hawaiian BBQ is its gourmet salad which is made up of a bed of veggies like lettuce, cabbage, carrots and edamame and lets you choose a protein option. It also allows you to substitute the macaroni salad for more fresh salad mix. 

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