Pollo Tropical Vegan Menu

Based in Miami, Pollo Tropical serves Caribbean food in all of its many locations. It is known for it's healthier dishes on their lunch and dinner menu. Does this include vegan friendly options?

According to the ingredients list available on their website, there are 6 vegan friendly options at Pollo Tropical that contain no animal products. They include the Caesar salad without meat, dressing, croutons, or cheese, Yellow Rice with Veggies, Black Beans, and Rice with Beans. Because of the delicious toppings (corn, diced tomatoes, peppers among others) available at Pollo Tropical that are vegan, another option is to order the Rice and Beans then add as many toppings as you want to create a flavorful dish that's also filling and vegan friendly.

Pollo Tropical vegan dining requires only a minimal amount of creativity. They have a few dishes you can order that contain no animal products and a variety of vegan friendly rice dishes.

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