Boston Market Vegan Menu

Boston Market is a famous American fast-casual restaurant chain. As vegans might already know that it’s difficult to find pure plant-based foods at restaurants specializing in chicken, here are some vegan items at Boston Market that you must try.

Based on our research and the information available on their website, there are 2 vegan options at Boston Market that do not contain animal products. Unfortunately, most of the fan-favorite dishes such as the Three Piece Dark, Quarter White, and the Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie are meat-based. The customization option with the Create Your Own Market Bowl option will be your best bet to get a vegan meal. Some other Boston Market vegan options that you can try are sides like the Fresh Steamed Vegetables and Garlic Dill New Potatoes.

Although almost all the items at Boston Market are made using different types of animal-based products, you can request the server to prepare your meal with vegan alternatives or substsitutions, if possible. For example, when ordering the Rice Pilaf, you should ask the servers if it can be prepared without butter. Also, don’t forget to try their delicious Apple Pie if you are looking for a sweet vegan dessert.

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