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Burger King Vegan Menu

Burger King is a hugely popular international chain of fast-food restaurants. It specializes, unsurprisingly, in burgers. It’s a national favorite that has over 7,000 restaurant locations in the US alone. But what about the Burger King vegan menu? Are there vegan options available? We’re here to answer those questions.


We’ve looked carefully at the nutrition menu and have found that there are 7 vegan items at Burger King, meaning you should be able to find something you’ll enjoy. However, none of these items are vegan unless you get rid of extras like sauces and cheese. The Impossible Whopper, for example, is made with Beyond Meat’s plant-based patty, but it still comes with mayo as standard, so you’ll have to remember to opt out of this sauce. If you want to keep your burger separate from the meat that’s cooking, you can ask the cook to use a non-broiler method.


Other almost vegan options at Burger King include the hash browns, the French fries, and the onion rings, but be careful: All these products are made in the same fryer as non-vegan items, so you may prefer to skip the sides if you want truly vegan food at Burger King.

Burger King Vegan Options


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