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Burger King Vegetarian Menu

Over the past couple of years, fans of fast-food giant Burger King have been begging the popular burger chain to introduce some vegetarian and plant-based items, and at last, Burger King has delivered. The addition to the menu of the Impossible Whopper was celebrated by vegetarians and vegans all over the United States — but are there other vegetarian items at Burger King?

We’ve taken a close look at the online nutritional menu and have found that there are 21 vegetarian options at Burger King, meaning it’s pretty easy to enjoy a satisfying meal here. At breakfast time, we recommend the egg and cheese croissan’wich or biscuit, served with hash browns, or go sweet with a pancake platter and French toast sticks.

For lunch, dinner, or a savory snack, you can of course enjoy the Impossible Whopper. Bulk out the meal with sides — French fries, mozzarella sticks, a side garden salad, and jalapeño cheddar bites are all vegetarian options at Burger King. 

If you do order the Impossible Whopper, you can ask for it to be cooked using the non-broiler method, which means it will be kept separate from meat products. Be warned, though, that all the fried options at Burger King (fries, onion rings, hash browns, etc.) are cooked in shared fryers.

Burger King Vegetarian Options


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