Dairy Queen Vegetarian Menu

Certainly, there's no better treat than some ice cream to beat the summer and Dairy Queen is the go-to location to get ice cream in town. If you want an insanely cheap $5 lunch, a chocolate-dipped cone to pamper yourself, or, of course, a Blizzard, DQ is the right place to go. For a fact, a place called Dairy Queen isn't going to have a lot of vegan options. However, you could be astonished! While there are no large nutritious entrée on the menu, there are plenty of vegan sides and sweets, including a vegan ice cream!

In this regard, we combed through their website's allergen information and ingredient listings, and discovered that there are 10 vegan options at Dairy Queen that are free of animal products.

So, what options do you have? Well, at a mainstream restaurant chain like Dairy Queen, a vegan ice cream exists! Coconut ice cream and a vegan chocolate covering make up the Non-Dairy Dilly Bar. Likewise, Dairy Queen sells some large soft pretzel sticks that are rather tasty.

You must, however, request them without the cheese or queso dip. You can also grab Lay's BBQ Potato Chips or Oven Baked Lay's Original vegan chips that are available on the side. We recommend Dairy Queen Fries, which are fried in soybean oil rather than lard or animal fat, as you could get at certain establishments.

If you're looking for a variety of vegan choices, try the Misty Slush, since their Misty drinks are all created without dairy and use only water, dextrose, citric acid, salt, and cellulose gum as components. Applesauce is another small side dish you might include in your meal!

When ordering vegan meals at Dairy Queen, take heed that not all of the company's fruit smoothies are vegan. At Dairy Queen, you'll generally notice at least three smoothie options, including Julius Originals, which aren't vegan since they contain eggs and dairy, and Premium Fruit Smoothies, which contain yogurt and aren't vegan. Light Smoothies, on the other hand, are a vegan version of Premium Fruit Smoothies because they are meant to be minimal in calories and do not contain yogurt.

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