Dairy Queen Vegan Menu

Dairy Queen is probably not somewhere that most vegans would think to visit—it has “dairy” in the name, after all! However, sometimes you may have friends or family members who want to eat or drink there, and you may be wondering how to order vegan at Dairy Queen. Is it even possible? We did the research so you don’t have to.


According to their online nutritional menu, there are 5 vegan options at Dairy Queen. However, the most substantial of these items is a portion of French fries, which is probably not going to fill you up enough for lunch or dinner! We also recommend ordering the pretzel sticks without queso, which makes these suitable for vegans. Vegans could also eat the side salad with the balsamic vinaigrette.


One of the main reasons people go to Dairy Queen is to enjoy a Blizzard, and these are made with ice cream so are not suitable for vegans—neither are any of the Freeze drinks or smoothies. However, both the slush and the Twisty Misty are vegan items at Dairy Queen, so you can still happily enjoy a refreshing cold drink while you’re dining here. 

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