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Wendy’s Vegan Menu

Wendy’s is something of a fast-food giant. It has more than 6,000 restaurants around the United States, making it the third-biggest hamburger chain in the whole world. As well as hamburgers, you’ll find classic fast-food dishes like chicken nuggets and crispy French fries, as well as breakfast items such as filled croissants and biscuits. But you probably want to know how to order vegan at Wendy’s. Is it even possible?


We analyzed the Wendy’s menu to find out. According to their online menu, there are 5 vegan items at Wendy’s, but it’s worth noting that two of these are just fruit! We’re pretty sure you aren’t going to Wendy’s for a bag of apple bites or a packet of strawberries, so what else can you eat? We recommend the baked potato with chives—just say no to sour cream. The fries and seasoned potatoes are other vegan items at Wendy’s, but be aware that they’re cooked in the same fryer as meat- and dairy-containing products.


If you want something more substantial, you can make additional items vegan-friendly by  making some sacrifices. Go for the southwest avocado salad with no chicken, no cheese, and no bacon, then switch your dressing from ranch to a vinaigrette to make it vegan.

Wendy’s Vegan Options


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