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McDonald’s Vegetarian Menu

McDonald’s is known all over the world. It’s one of the largest and most successful fast-food chains there is. It’s probably best-known for the Big Mac, but other customer favorites include the McNuggets and the crispy French Fries. But can you eat vegetarian food at McDonald’s? According to the nutritional information and online menus, there are 11 vegetarian options at McDonald’s. So, what can you eat? 

It’s easy enough to find vegetarian food at McDonald’s at breakfast time; go for the Hot Cakes or Oatmeal, or ask for an Egg McMuffin with no Canadian bacon. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth without eating meat—try the Chocolate Chip Cookie, the Baked Apple Pie, or the Vanilla Cone (if the ice cream machine is working!).

It’s a little harder to eat vegetarian food at McDonald’s in the US, as even the hash browns and fries are made with “natural beef flavor.” However, if you’re traveling abroad and you visit a McDonald’s restaurant, you may have more luck. In the UK, for example, McDonald’s sells Veggie Dippers, which you can also have as a wrap or a burger. 

In the coming months or years, McDonald’s is also expected to be launching a vegan-friendly McPlant range, but for now, you’ll have to stick to breakfast!

McDonald’s Vegetarian Options


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