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McDonald’s Gluten Free Menu

McDonald’s is probably the most well known fast food company in the world, best known for their French fries, Big Macs, and Happy Meals. However, like many fast food chains, McDonalds has been pressured to provide healthier options for customers with dietary restrictions like a gluten free diet. So how do the gluten free options at McDonalds compare to other fast food restaurants?

We’ve analyzed the official McDonalds ingredients list and allergen menu and found that there are up to 20 gluten free options at McDonalds, depending on your level of gluten sensitivity. McDonalds famous burgers are actually made with gluten free patties but unfortunately, McDonalds does not offer a gluten free bun at this time so gluten free diners will have to enjoy these without the bun. The same goes for other non-breaded, potentially gluten free options like their Grilled Chicken sandwich.

Recently McDonalds has removed their salad selections from their menu which greatly reduces the gluten free options, but there are still a handful of items that are acceptable such as Hashbrowns and French Fries.

We recommend exercising caution if you have celiac disease or a high level of gluten sensitivity as these items are cooked in the same oil as everything else and are at very high risk of cross contamination.

Some safer options here are menu items that are not cooked on the grill such as dessert options like the Apple Dippers with Caramel or the Fruit n Yogurt Parfait (without the granola).

McDonald’s Gluten Free Options


At DietMenus we work hard to ensure the accuracy of our menus. We use proprietary models and a manual research team to determine which menu items fit each diet. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that all menu items are 100% accurate. We aim to provide a strong starting point by removing most of the fluff but for some diets like vegan or gluten free sometimes more questions are needed. Please use your best judgement and double check with your waiter before ordering.