Wawa Gluten Free Menu

Wawa is a chain of American gas stations and convenience stores that can be found all over the East Coast that also serves a wide menu of fresh food. While they do serve everything from sandwiches to salads to soup, how are the gluten free options at Wawa, especially when compared to other chains?

After analyzing all the ingredient and allergen information available on the Wawa website, we found there are as many as 15 gluten free options at Wawa, depending on your level of gluten sensitivity. Wawa is very popular for breakfast on the go and customers can now enjoy gluten free breakfast bowls like their Scambled Egg Breakfast Bowl or a Cinnamon Brown Sugar Oatmeal.

There are also 3 salad options including a Chef Saald, Southwest Chicken Salad and Italian Antipasto Salad to choose from. As for gluten free sides, Wawa also has you covered with Mashed Potatoes, Rice & Black Beans and more!

It is very important to mention that Wawa warns that while the recipes and ingredients listed on their "gluten conscious" menu are all made without the use of gluten, they are actually not certified to be gluten free. Since the ingredients listed share storage space and preparation areas with products that contain gluten, there is a high risk for cross-contamination.

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