Sheetz Gluten Free Menu

Sheetz is a chain of convenience stores that also sell a mix of custom food and beverages similar to what you might get in a fast food restaurant. Sheetz is often compared to Wawa but when it comes to gluten free options, Sheetz falls somewhat short.

According to their allergen menu, there are over 80 gluten free ingredients at Sheetz. However, most of these options are for creating sandwiches and Sheetz does not offer any gluten free breads, which makes it difficult to take advantage of these. Sheetz does have spring mix and romaine so your best bet will be to create your own salad out of these ingredients.

A few other gluten free choices are the fries, hard cooked eggs and apple slices, which might be okay for a gluten-friendly quick snack. If you have a sweet tooth, the Frozen Creamz are also acceptable for gluten free.

Their MTO burger is listed as a gluten free option but there is no information on their website about gluten free breads so we recommend caution and asking about it first. For celiacs or people with severe  gluten intolerances, we cannot safely recommend ordering from Sheetz as all of the food is prepared and cooked in the same area and is at risk of gluten contamination.

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