Sheetz Keto Menu

Sheetz offers everything from made to order foods to coffee and convenience foods. Sheetz has over 600 locations so you’ll never be too far away if you’re in the Midwest, Northeast or Mid-Atlantic. We analyzed their available nutrition information to bring you the best keto options at Sheetz.

Nutritional information on the website shows that there are 9 keto options at Sheetz under 20g of carbs. Most of the menu at Sheetz is made of carb-heavy sandwiches, burritos, and breaded fried items which makes it hard to find keto friendly options. While you can remove the bread to reduce the carb-count, we recommend sticking to the items on the unofficial keto menu below.

One of the better keto options at Sheetz is their selection of salads; you can choose from the Cali Cobb Salad (9g), House Recipe Salad (4g) or the Italian Recipe Salad (4g). We suggest pairing your salad with some of the low carb sides such as the Wisconsin Cheddar Bites which contain only 8g of carbs and are sure to satisy your craving. If you have more carbs to spare then you can order a B.L.Teaser Slider which comes in at 16g of net carbs and should be just low enough in carbs to keep you in ketosis.

Some other keto items you might consider as a low-carb snack are the Hard Cooked Eggs, Apple Slices and Hashbrowns.

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