Arby's Keto Menu

Arby's is a fast-food restaurant that serves their famous roast beef sandwiches and salads in over 3,300 restaurants across America. The sandwiches are not usually an option for those who want a low carb meal but there are some other options if you’re on a keto diet.

According to their online nutrition menu, there are 24 keto options at Arby's under 20g of net carbs.

Arby’s, like most fast food chains, is not particularly keto-friendly. The menu is full of carb-heavy options like sandwiches served in buns and fries that are coated in breading.

Arby’s, however, does offer a few low carb options to choose from. The roast chicken salad comes in under 8g of carbs and is quite filling since it's topped with a mountain of lettuce and veggies. There are also 3 dressings you can add which come in at under 4g of net carbs each.

If you’re finding it hard to resist Arby's signature roast beef sandwiches then the only somewhat keto option is one slider which comes in at 20g of net carbs. This is at the high end of the acceptable carb range so if you're going this route we would recommend you eat only half of the bun.

Unfortunately, the sides at Arby's are not keto friendly. Items like Curly Fries, Potato Cakes and Jalapeno Poppers are all well over 30g of net carbs.

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