Cold Stone Creamery Keto Menu

One of the most established and iconic creamery worldwide, Cold Stone is an American based ice cream parlor chain that serves a multitude of ice cream flavors, cakes, shakes, smoothies, and sorbets. They are known for their self-serve style and large selection of mix-ins. Unfortunately, since most of the menu items are dairy and sugar-based, Cold Stone is not commonly known for having keto-friendly desserts.

According to their official menu and nutrition information, there are as many as 36 keto options at Cold Stone, depending on your remaining carb allowance. While most ice cream flavors will be off-limits, you can still enjoy yogurts and sorbets. Plain, unsweetened yogurts is a great way to start a frozen treat. If you wanted extra flavor, try out a peanut butter or coffee flavored yogurts.

The trick here is to sway away from way more sugary flavors such as caramel, cotton candy, French Vanilla, salted caramel, and candy cane. Also, do not add more mix-ins as they will add more carbs and total calories, some of the mix-ins are pre-mixed with more sugar. If you need extra toppings we recommend sticking to low carb options like pecans, coconut, blueberries, peanut butter, pineapple tidbits, raspberries, roasted almonds, and strawberries which are always a safe option.

The key when consuming dairy or ice cream products is with moderation and less frequency, having spoon full or 6 ounces will not create a severe damage in your keto lifestyle. Sometimes our body needs a small break from the usual intake, and A SERVING OR EVEN HALF OF CUP OF SOME FLAVORS AND MENU ITEMS, WILL NOT GIVE YOU MORE THAN 25G OF NET CARBS. Always eat healthy and wise.

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