Whataburger Keto Menu

Whataburger is a popular fast food chain specializing in burgers that is known for their late-night hours and comfort food. Although most of their food is high in carbs, we’ve broken down their menu to find you the best keto options at Whataburger

According to their official menu and nutrition information, we found there are 11 keto options available at Whataburger with less than 20g of carbs. Unfortunately, their popular burgers and Patty Melts are way above the acceptable carbohydrate range for a ketogenic diet. Of course you can definitely make these keto friendly by removing the buns but we are still working on getting accurate nutrition information for their bunless burgers.

If you are not in the mood for a hamburger patty with no bun there are still a handful of keto meals you can order at Whataburger. The Grilled Chicken Patty at Whataburger contains only 5g of carbs and a 1 piece Chicken Strip has about 11g.

There are also some salads on the Whataburger menu which are keto friendly, such as the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad (14g) or the Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken (12g).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whataburger has 7 menu items that have less than 20g of carbohydrates and could be considered keto friendly. Additionally, all of their burgers can be ordered without a bun to make them keto friendly.
Your choices for ordering keto at Whataburger are Bunless Burgers, Grilled Chicken Patty, one of 4 Salads or sides like Hashbrown Sticks.
The Fancy Ketchup at Whataburger contains 8g of carbs and should not be considered keto except in very small quantities.
The Picante Sauce at Whataburger contains only 1g of net carbs and is keto friendly.
Whataburger breakfast options all contain at least 28g of carbs and are not keto friendly. However, if you order the Biscuit sandwiches without the biscuit, the carb count drops to 1-2g of net carbs, which is considered keto friendly.

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