Krispy Kreme Keto Menu

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is one of the favorite all-time go-to stores for a sweet tooth fix and all-day coffee. It is an American doughnut and coffeehouse chain that has 1400 locations worldwide and is popularly known for its daily fresh glazed doughnuts. Although it is loved by people of all ages, the important question is "Are there any keto options at Krispy Kreme?"

We analyzed all the information available online and found there are 0 keto options at Krispy Kreme with under 20g of net carbs.

Its famous glazed doughnuts account for 20g of total carbohydrates alone which is almost the full amount of recommended total carbohydrates intake a day in Keto. If you are absolutely set on eating keto at Krispy Kreme, your best bet will be to split one glazed doughnut with someone for 10g of net carbs.

Krispy Kreme coffees are also served but they could vary from one location to another. If coffee is available, plain coffee is your best bet as it contains the least number of calories and won't spike your blood sugar.

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