Carl's Jr. Keto Menu

Carl's Jr is an American fast food restaurant chain with a whopping 3,644 franchises and primarily known for their signature Thickburgers. They also have an assortment of chicken, burritos, and sides that will keep you feeling satisfied. Those on the hunt for low-carb, keto friendly meals at Carl Jr's will be happy to know that Carl's Jr has keto specific meals that will keep them in ketosis.

According to their official nutrition information, there are up to 7 keto options at Carl Jr's with less than 20g of carbs. We start off with their burgers with the Original Angus Burger, Famous Star with Cheese, and the Jalapeño Angus Burger.

They also have chicken burger options with the Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich, Charbroiled Sta Fe Chicken Sandwich, and the Charbroiled Chicken Salad. Makes you wonder how does a burger make around 20g of total net carbs? Simple, Carl's Jr offers a lettuce wrap customizable option before checking out for most burgers, which replaces the regular bun with a fresh lettuce.

To further lower the total calories of your order, they also added an option to remove other burger layers such as the cheese, the dressing, and other spices.

You may also want to add a keto-friendly side dish with the Side Salad. Just have the croutons removed and dress it with Balsamic Vinaigrette and you are good to go. They also have freshly made Guacamole, but available only in certain restaurants. Overall, it is not that impossible to eat a low-carb meal at Carl's Jr, all you need is just to ask and they will deliver.

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