Burger King Keto Menu

Burger King is famous around the world for its Whopper hamburger served in over 17,000 locations across the globe. Despite it's popularity, it can be tough to order keto food at Burger King considering most of their options come breaded or in a bun. We've analyzed all of the available nutrition information to show you how to eat keto at Burger King.

According to the nutritional information on the website, there are 17 keto options available at Burger King.

Your best bet for a keto meal at Burger King is going to be the side garden salad with only 5g of carbs. If you have a higher carb allowance, you can choose from the Chicken Nuggets, which will run you about 11-17 net carbs depending on the size you choose. Be very careful about the sauce you choose as many are high in carbs and can kick you out of ketosis.

Some other options include the Crispy Taco or Onion Rings but both contain 19g of carbs so they are barely within the acceptable carb range for a keto diet. We also recommend ordering your favorite sandwich without the bun. Burger King buns contain close to 40g of carbs; you can ask for sandwiches to be served in a plastic container without a bun or wrapped in lettuce. With this simple modification, 90% of the sandwiches and burgers on the menu are keto-friendly and under 20g of net carbs.

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