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Cinnabon Vegetarian Menu

Cinnabon is a popular bakery chain in the US and as the name suggests, is known for cinnamon flavoured desserts. It’s also famous for coffees that are more dessert than coffee.

According to their official ingredients and allergen information, there are 70 vegetarian options at Mellow Mushroom which you can choose from.

One of the most well-liked sweet treats from Cinnabon is the centre of the role. This is a decadent dessert with an ‘ooey-goey’ centre. You can get it in several flavours including the classic Caramel PecanBonĀ® flavour. Other desserts available include the Classic Role, which is a simple cinnamon roll, and the Churro Swirl which is a unique take on the Mexican dessert.

Cinnabon’s coffees are incredibly sweet and utilise cream, syrup, and other sauces to give them their dessert-like consistency. They also offer comforting hot cocoa which is topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Elsewhere on the menu is their freshly squeezed lemonade that you can get in several different flavours. You can choose from classic lemonade or raspberry lemonade for a different take on a childhood favourite. Other iced drinks available on the menu include cold brew iced coffees in two flavours; cinnamon and vanilla. These pair well with the cinnamon roles that Cinnabon is so famous for. Aside from sweet treats, there are also some savoury items on the menu. The egg and cheese sandwich with cheese roll and egg and cheese Sandwhich-on-croissant both make for comforting breakfasts, brunches, or lunches. However, egg and cheese is the main flavour for vegetarian savory options with little else to choose from.

Unlike other fast-food establishments, the Cinnabon menu on the website does not make a conscious effort to indicate whether an item is vegetarian, leaving the customer to use their common sense. However, as the restaurant is mostly known for cinnamon rolls you can be confident that the popular dessert options do not contain meat.

Cinnabon Vegetarian Options


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