Tijuana Flats Vegan Menu

With the tagline of “Tex-Mex for All,” Tijuana Flats is renowned for Mexican-style cuisine. Although Tijuana Flats doesn’t have any vegan cheese or meat, you can turn any meal into a vegan-friendly option.

According to the restaurant’s official website and nutrition guide, there are 2 vegan options at Tijuana Flats that do not contain animal-based products. Although most burritos such as the Tijuana Burrito or Chimichanga are meat- or chicken-based, you can satisfy your cravings by customizing your burrito. You can also try the Chips and Salsa or Customizable Salad. Keep reading to learn more about how to order vegan at Tijuana Flats.

For the burritos, you have to choose the base from the tortilla Tijuana Flats vegan options - Whole Wheat Tortilla or Flour Tortilla. Next, you have to decide the fillings - Black Beans, Mexican Rice, Veggies or Refried Beans. Last but not the least, you can top your Vegan Burrito with the following toppings and sauces - Shredded Lettuce, Fresh Jalapenos, Diced Onions, Diced Tomatoes, or the Verda Sauce.

Also, don’t forget to try the Tijuana Flats vegan options for sidelines - Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips or the customizable Vegan Nachos without cheese and cream.

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